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Women's Weekend

Testimonials From Participants

How do others feel about Women's Weekend? Here is just a sample of the praise and recognition Leigh Young has received for her Women's Weekend events:

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  • "Fellowship and friendships blossomed through the weekend as we took a deep-dive into scripture."
  • "The weekend was life changing filled with high energy and fun throughout."
  • "Leigh was fabulous and had very contagious energy that kept all of us engaged. I was surprised to meet new friends and connect with them so quickly."
  • "I was excited that we explored, studied, and learned so much about the whole Bible-not just the chapters of Revelation."
  • "I have attended many women’s retreats. This one was exceptional. I learned so many things that I never knew about the Bible, history, and how it relates to me and my faith."
  • "This weekend made learning fun."
  • "I loved all the laughter."
  • "I was concerned that I would not be able to concentrate for so long, but no way! I was fully engaged."
  • "One word: fabulous."
  • "Leigh knows her stuff. Her love for the Lord and her ability to share God’s truths though His word combined for a truly uplifting experience."
  • "It was a wonderful weekend from every aspect of growth: friendships, Christian faith, and prayer life."
  • "Brilliant."
  • "I had a very spiritual experience. This weekend deepened my walk."
  • "I loved and appreciated the joy and power of God’s Word and how Leigh shared it with such love."
  • "I was surprised by the openness and the way it was made comfortable to share with others."
  • "Injecting the historical facts made the cities and the letters in Revelation come alive."
  • "Excellent conference! Great fellowship with others studying scriptures and learning the background of the period. Really interesting to realize how words written over 2,000 years ago are equally relevant to us today."
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