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About Lessons From the Letters

About Lessons From the Letters 
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Lessons from the Letters: Living the Abundant Life is about life change-finding ways to walk more closely with the Lord. It combines modern anecdotal stories with ancient history to point to the path of abundant life. The book explores the letters written to seven churches by Jesus and tucked away in the opening chapters of the book of Revelation. Although written two thousand years ago, the words of advice and counsel are as relevant today as they were to those churches centuries ago.

Is there more to life than just going through the daily motions and routines?

Do you want a life that is deeper, more fulfilling, more meaningful?

What if you discovered letters that promise to bless you if you read them?

What if you found writings that reveal the way to your most abundant life?

Would you take the time to read and to study them?

These texts exist. They are contained in seven letters tucked away in a book written by Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and dictated to the apostle John. We call this book Revelation.

These letters, found in the second and third chapters of the book of Revelation, are addressed to the believers in seven churches in the area called Asia Minor in New Testament times. Today, we call this land Turkey.

Although penned to actual congregations centuries ago, the words of advice and counsel in the letters are as relevant to us today as they were to the seven churches in the first century.

Join us as we journey to these ancient cities and the churches within them and discover the Lessons from the Letters - Living the Abundant Life.


"In her introductory remarks, Leigh Young notes how the author of Revelation 'propels us into God's future.' What she doesn't mention is how masterfully she leads the reader to understand how that future vision calls us to live in new ways right here, right now."

-- Dr. Rob Blackburn, Pastor and Author

"Leigh takes the Bible and makes it relevant to our experiences, showing what the text can teach us today. She makes practical applications to our daily lives. I know of no one more passionate for God's word. I can say I am a Bible student because of Leigh's influence and guidance. She empowers me to love God's Word and understand it in a way that I have never done before."

-- Cyndy D.

"Leigh Young is a Christian Warrior. She can take the Bible and make it come alive for persons of all ages. I have personally been in the classroom and seen her teach her curriculum for toddlers, Confirmation lessons for middle schoolers, and Bible Studies for adults. Leigh teaches in a style where no matter the age, she gets your attention."

-- Vickie M.

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